T & J Lawn Services, Inc. - Upcoming Project

T & J Lawn Service, Inc. has been contracted to install the landscape at the Maryland Technology Center Building project located in Lanham, Maryland. This building is managed and owned by GDR Management Co., a long time associate and customer of T & J. Our company is also in the process of negotiating with the management company to perform additional future work at this site. The single use tenant of this building will be a corporation that has been awarded a long-term government contract associated with the facility located in the neighboring complex. The twelve-story building is currently under construction with the landscape scheduled to be installed this spring. Due to the strict construction schedule for this project, we have had the luxury of time which has allowed us to be very well prepared for this installation project. We have used the additional planning time to source out plant material, review soil conditions, provide valued engineering, and strategize production with the completion of the building without compromising the plant installation and turf development. The entire landscape installation will take an estimate six weeks to complete. These pictures of the Maryland Technology Center were taken very early in the construction process. Please return to view updated pictures as the project progresses.

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